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Note: Hourglass Time Tracking for JIRA is available for JIRA Cloud but not JIRA Server.

To install the app:

Log into your Atlassian Cloud account as an admin
From the blue left panel, select Jira Settings
On the blue left panel, select Apps
On the blue left panel, select Find new add-ons
Search for ‘Hourglass Time Tracking’ and click Free Trial
Click Accept and Install

You can also find Hourglass in the Atlassian Marketplace.

Time Tracking

Locating Hourglass

You can see the Hourglass Timer Tracker in the sidebar when viewing an individual issue, or when selecting issues from a board.

Atlassian - Hourglass Time Tracking for JIRA Cloud Initial
Tracking Time

To start tracking time on an issue, navigate to the issue you’d like to track time on. In the sidebar, verify the title of the issue, and click Start Logging Time.

Atlassian - Hourglass Time Tracking for JIRA Cloud Initial

You’ll see which ticket you’re clocking to across Atlassian. To stop logging time, click the Stop Logging button.

Atlassian - Hourglass Time Tracking for JIRA Cloud
Hourglass Time Tracker Inactive
Saving a Worklog

After clicking Stop Logging, you’ll see the Log Work modal. Verify everything is correct, add a description, and click Log Work to create a worklog.

In the Time Spent field, you can record time using w for weeks, d for days, h for hours or m for minutes. For instance “1d .5h” or “120m” would be valid entries. Weeks and days are calculated based on time settings set in your JIRA account.

Hourglass Time Tracker Worklog
Cancelling a Timer

You can cancel logging time by clicking the Cancel Logging button while a timer is running. A modal will appear, and you can click Cancel Timer to confirm you’d like to cancel tracking time.

Hourglass Time Tracker Cancel


Manage App Settings

To enable, disable, or uninstall Hourglass, from the blue left sidebar click the Gear Icon > Apps while logged in as an admin. Then click Manage Apps in the sidebar and find Hourglass to change its settings.

Time Configuration

If you record 1 day worth of time with Hourglass, it will calculate the total time tracked based on how many working hours equal a day according to your account’s time tracking settings. The same is true if you record time using weeks.

Here is how you can set the number of working hours in a day, and the number of working days in a week. First, log into your Atlassian Cloud account as an admin.
1. From the blue left bar click the ‘Jira settings’ button
2. Still in the sidebar under Jira settings, select ‘Issues’
3. Still in the sidebar, select Time tracking
4. In the window which appears after step 3, select Edit global settings
5. Modify your Working Hours Per Day or Working Days Per Week settings.
6. When you have completed your changes, click save

Time Formatting

The dates displayed when logging time are now localized for each user based on their Jira language and region settings. For example, an American format would be: MM/DD/YYYY 1:30 PM and a European format would be: DD.MM.YYYY 13:30. 

To update this formatting, you can adjust your language and region settings by visiting your Personal Settings in Account Preferences

Account Preferences for JIRA

Dashboard Gadget

Adding the Hourglass Dashboard Gadget

Visit a Jira Dashboard of your choosing. Select “Add Gadget” from the top, right of the screen.

Search for “Currently Logging Time with Hourglass in the Gadget search field. Find the gadget depicted below and select “Add Gadget”

Hourglass Dashboard Gadget
Configuring your Dashboard Gadget

By default, all users who are currently logging time using the Hourglass widget are shown. If they prefer, a user can configure this dashboard gadget to show only certain users or certain groups.

Please note: Only users with admin permissions can view other team members who are logging time. Standard users will not be able to add or view this dashboard gadget at this time. If you are interested in opening up this Dashboard Gadget to allow all users to view team tracking statuses, please let us know. We would like gauge interest in this feature prior to scheduling and developing it, since it is not an insignificant change.

Hourglass Dashboard Gadget Settings
Dashboard Gadget States

A user can view the following information for team members currently logging time with Hourglass:
▪ User
▪ Current issue link
▪ Current time logged for this session
▪ Original issue estimate
▪ Remaining time

If no users match these criteria, we will show the following empty state.

If you are expecting to see users in the gadget and do not, please check your settings to make sure these expected users are included in the filter and that they are currently logging time.

Hourglass Dashboard Empty State
Hourglass dashboard Gadget for Jira

About Hourglass

Hourglass Time Tracking for JIRA is an Atlassian marketplace add on for JIRA cloud users. Seamless time tracking within the the context of your tasks allows your team to spend more time on actual work, and less time in administrative weeds.


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