What’s everyone working on? A dashboard gadget for Hourglass

Here at LunarLincoln, we have a unique work policy – 35 hours of billable time each week – do it whenever, wherever. And because we track work by hours logged to client tasks and not time spent warming your office chair, it’s important for us to have an easy way to do this – hence […]

We needed Hourglass, and thought you might too

Like many of you, our company process is deeply embedded in the JIRA tools. We write tickets, we plan projects, we scope sprints, we estimate, we time track. Aside from the marathon slog that is initially setting up a project and creating it’s tickets – the time tracking component is what we touch the most […]

Time tracking keeps it honest

So we’ve told you why we estimate and how we use hourglass to check the truth of those estimates but is it really a huuuuge deal if a project takes a bit longer or costs a bit more? Well, yeah! We’ve decided that time tracking keeps everyone honest. Honest about estimates. Honest about costs. Honest […]

Estimation’s Best Friend: Time Tracking

At LunarLincoln, time tracking isn’t really about the time itself…it’s about estimation and estimation is about truth. Here is a not-so-secret, secret for you: TIME TRACKING IS TRUTH. When starting a project we write userstories that are then turned into tickets. If we wanted to stop there we’d probably fire up Trello – put in […]