Security Statement


Hourglass Time Tracking for JIRA is committed to security. Almost all data, including which users are currently logging and the worklogs that are created reside in your JIRA Software Cloud instance. We only store install information for subscription verification.


Data storage

Add-on installation data is stored on Amazon Web Services. Current time tracking timers and generated worklogs are saved in your JIRA Software Cloud instance.



The backend powering Hourglass Time Tracking for JIRA is hosted on Amazon Web Services and may use any facilities therein.


People and access

Hourglass authenticates each request to the add-on using the JSON Web Token from an authenticated user in JIRA. Only authorized developers and support members at LunarLincoln have access to the source code or hosting platform. Hourglass does not collect or store any personal information.



LunarLincoln uses Google Analytics to anonymously track information such as button clicks within the add-on to better learn how the add-on is being used.



Hourglass stores add-on data in your JIRA Software Cloud’s instance, which is covered by JIRA’s own backups.


Effective as of July 10, 2017.

About Hourglass

Hourglass Time Tracking for JIRA is an Atlassian marketplace add on for JIRA cloud users. Seamless time tracking within the the context of your tasks allows your team to spend more time on actual work, and less time in administrative weeds.


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