Like many of you, our company process is deeply embedded in the JIRA tools. We write tickets, we plan projects, we scope sprints, we estimate, we time track.

Aside from the marathon slog that is initially setting up a project and creating it’s tickets – the time tracking component is what we touch the most every day. Open your kanban board, pick a ticket, start your clock, stop your clock, pick a ticket, start your clock, stop your clock, pick a ticket, start your clock. You get the idea.

We had been using a very, very popular time tracking provider that integrates with JIRA. You may have heard of it…rhymes with “blimpo”. However all of that changed a few weeks ago when we discovered that our beloved tracker was gone.

Where did you go lil’ buddy? Why can’t I stop/start/stop/start at the click of a button? And to make matters worse – WHY AREN’T MY TIMELOGS SAVED IN JIRA ANYMORE. No thanks third party storage – I have enough random repositories of things scattered across the internet as is. What to do?

So what do you do when your everyday tools just aren’t up to snuff any more?

You look for another tool. You try out several of them, looking for that goldilocks match. And after a week of company-wide complaints, you suck it up and build your own tool.

“Hey this time tracking tool is pretty good”, you say “Maybe other people would want it too!”…and that is why we are here today ladies and gents. Presenting Hourglass. The super simple time tracker that integrates seamlessly into your JIRA Cloud instance.